The Thing In The Apartment on CryptTv

It's official! THE THING IN THE APARTMENT has hit the internet on Eli Roth's new platform, CryptTv. Blood, sweat and tears went into this epically suspenseful short horror film. I'm incredibly proud of this project as well as the cast and crew that made it happen.

Now here's the fun part - I dare you to watch this in your bed with the lights out!

Take The Stairs

Take a peek at this CryptTV short I was lucky enough to be a part of - TAKE THE STAIRS for the show Hellevator on Game Show Network!

A little bit of fun trivia - I also voiced the scary ax murderer... "Going down?" Enjoy!


"The Thing In The Apartment" Premiere at Screamfest

THE THING IN THE APARTMENT killed it at Screamfest!


The Thing In The Apartment

Exciting news! I've been cast in the incredibly suspenseful horror short film THE THING IN THE APARTMENT! I play Lindsay, a girl grappling with her own reality. Check out the fantastic new trailer and don't forget to catch the world premiere at SCREAMFEST on October 17th.

There's something in Lindsay's apartment...

"Battery Row" Premiere

The "Battery Row" premiere was a huge success! There's even talk of turning the Noir Serial into a feature. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the night's event:

Many thanks to James Rhodimer and Amy Wengreen at Brash Studios for casting me in the role of Laura. It was a treat to be transported back in time!

DVD's of "Battery Row" are available for purchase here.

"The Last Exorcism" Update

As of today, "The Last Exorcism" viral marketing video has amassed more than 6.4 million views and continues to grow. Alexia Tsotsis at Tech Crunch summed up the campaign pretty well, "Once again, it seems as though the horror genre is light years ahead of the Hollywood curve when it comes to grassroots viral marketing and you know, using the Internet. The tactic seems to be working, as IMDB’s Movie Meter is plotting a 23% rise in the film’s popularity in the past week, caused by links on sites like Gizmodo and this one."

Lionsgate was so thrilled with the success of the viral marketing campaign that they invited me to the premiere of the movie! It was a fairytale evening and definitely a night I will never forget.

Below are some photos from the event:

Here are links to a few articles that covered the campaign:

"The Last Exorcism" Viral Marketing Campaign

Lionsgate has rolled out a clever bit of marketing in support of their upcoming Eli Roth-produced shocker, The Last Exorcism and I've been lucky enough to be a part of it.

Guys hoping for a video chat with a random cute girl were given much more than they bargained for. Check out the video below and check out The Last Exorcism in theaters August 27th!

Streamy Awards!

It was a privilege to be invited and feel a part of such a defining moment in New Media.  There was an electricity in the air, a buzz, and it felt great to see everyone coming together and unifying for one night to acknowledge the incredible work that is happening on the Internet. Standing at the threshold of New Media is very exciting stuff!

The "With the Angels" crew looked sensational and it was a delight to share in the nights festivities with them.  Here are a few pictures from the Red Carpet:

"With the Angels" Update

With the Angels has been picked as one of The Boston Globe's 10 web series to try. Pretty amazing considering it originally aired almost three years ago. It's a great feeling when a show you've worked on is still getting praise and is capable of standing the test of time.

Read the full article here!

And here's one of my favorite episodes from the show:

Streamy Award Nominations

I am very excited to announce that "With the Angels" has been nominated for two Streamy Awards!

Congratulations to Mary Feuer, Jonathan Robert Kaplan and Werner Trieschmann for their Best Writing for a Dramatic Web Series nomination and Mary Feuer for her Best Directing for a Dramatic Web Series nomination.

It's an honor to be a part of such an amazing show!

We're up against some incredible web series: check out the full list of nominees.