The Thing In The Apartment

Exciting news! I've been cast in the incredibly suspenseful horror short film THE THING IN THE APARTMENT! I play Lindsay, a girl grappling with her own reality. Check out the fantastic new trailer and don't forget to catch the world premiere at SCREAMFEST on October 17th.

There's something in Lindsay's apartment...

Apocalyptic Playground

Carly has been cast in the upcoming sci-fi film "Apocalyptic Playground!" She will be playing the role of Christian, a girl in search of her identity. The film takes place on two planets and involves interstellar human trafficking.

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Here's a sneak peek of some test footage from the project:

"Coldwood" Trailer

The first official trailer for "Coldwood" has been released! Shot on location in Alaska, the indie feature stars Carly Jones, Les Mahoney and Savanah Wiltfong.

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"Battery Row" Featurette

"Battery Row" has interviewed its actresses for the upcoming release of the 30 minute Noir Serial. Watch as Carly Jones, Caitlyn Carradine and Heidi Hamilton share their experiences from the production of "Battery Row." Carly's interview starts at the 42 second mark.

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"The Last Exorcism" Viral Marketing Campaign

Lionsgate has rolled out a clever bit of marketing in support of their upcoming Eli Roth-produced shocker, The Last Exorcism and I've been lucky enough to be a part of it.

Guys hoping for a video chat with a random cute girl were given much more than they bargained for. Check out the video below and check out The Last Exorcism in theaters August 27th!

"Coldwood" Teaser Trailer

A chilling second trailer has been released for "Coldwood." Definitely check it out if you like scary movies!

Watch the first trailer here!

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"With the Angels" Update

With the Angels has been picked as one of The Boston Globe's 10 web series to try. Pretty amazing considering it originally aired almost three years ago. It's a great feeling when a show you've worked on is still getting praise and is capable of standing the test of time.

Read the full article here!

And here's one of my favorite episodes from the show:

The Guild

Check out Carly on the latest episode of The Guild!

She makes an appearance as a perturbed waitress serving Vork his "tap water" in the episode titled "Battle Royale."

"With the Angels" Season One Credits and Outtakes

Check it out... it may make you giggle!